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Emeriti Faculty

Faculty who have distinguished themselves through eminence and major professional contributions while at UCF may be awarded the status of emeritus. The title honors their contribution and distinction achieved at the university and grants them a lifetime link to UCF. The College of Education and Human Performance is honored to have had among its faculty a number of individuals who have achieved the esteem conferred by the title Emeritus.

Betty Anderson *
Virginia Barr-Henderson *
Donna Baumbach
Timothy Blair *
William Bozeman
Douglas Brumbaugh *
Richard Cornell
Elaine B. Cox *
Albert T. Craig
Charles D. Dziuban
William K. Esler
Earl K. Fowler
Harry O. Hall
David E. Hernandez *
Michael C. Hynes
William H. Johnson
Marcella L. Kysilka
Patricia Cripe Manning
Nancy R. McGee *
Calvin C. Miller *
Ernest E. Miller
Mary Palmer
George E. Pawlas
Jennifer C. Platt
Frank D. Rohter
Steven E. Sorg
LeVester Tubbs
Wilfred Wienke

* Deceased