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Assessment Data
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The College of Education and Human Performance (CEDHP) at the University of Central Florida is committed to the use of data to continually improve our programs. On an annual basis, the CEDHP uses various types of assessment data to evaluate program effectiveness and impact, candidate performance, employer satisfaction, and P-12 student learning gains. The unit applies an integrated approach to continuous quality improvement (CQI) at all levels and employs the university's institutional effectiveness (IE) assessment system to promote, manage, and document CQI initiatives and achievements. Every degree-granting academic program has an individualized IE assessment plan. For example, all programs that require candidates to pass the applicable Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) as a graduation requirement include a measure to collect, analyze, and apply FTCE sub-score data for program improvement. This ensures that all affected programs employ this powerful data source that offers strong potential to help identify opportunities to improve program quality and, in turn, candidate performance. Programs also typically use selected, key formative and/or summative course-based assessments, candidate exit surveys, and other sources of information to provide a balance of internal and external direct measures and indirect measures to help guide CQI decisions. Data are reviewed in an ongoing annual basis to identify strengths and possible areas for programmatic continuous quality improvement (CQI).

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2015-2016 Program Candidate and Completer Performance Data

2014-2015 Archived Program Candidate and Completer Performance Data

2013-2014 Archived Program Candidate and Completer Performance Data

2012-2013 Archived Candidate and Completer Performance Data