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Data Mining

Faculty and staff have easy access to various educational data through multiple user-friendly sources including:

Faculty and staff are encouraged to these user-friendly systems first when needing to retrieve data. The Office of Accreditation, Assessment, and Data Management (AADM), the UCF Office of Institutional Research, and the Office of Operational Excellence and Assessment Support (OEAS) provide training to faculty and staff on how to access and use these data resources.

Data Requests

When faculty and staff are unable to retrieve their data, then AADM provides data reports as part of its service to the faculty and staff. The academic data typically requested includes degrees awarded, enrollment, retention, and student credit hours. Although, faculty and staff may request other types of data. To request data from AADM, please use the AADM Data Request Portal.

Access Your Data


LiveText™ is a web-based tool used by the college in order to provide solutions for strategic planning, assessment, and institutional effectiveness. More specifically, our college uses LiveText™ to ensure our programs are aligned with national, state and professional standards of excellence.

Data Available

  • Academic Program Review Data and Resources
  • Degrees Granted and Enrollment
  • Employment and Retention
  • FTCE and FELE
  • Internship Assessments
  • LiveText Assessment Reports
  • Performance Initiative Model
  • Survey Results
  • Teacher Performance Data from Florida Department of Education
  • eIPEP Data and Resources
  • Impact Performance and Visibility Initiative Data and Resources

How to Access

  • Login to LiveText at (if you do not have a LiveText account, contact
  • Navigate to Exhibit Center (tab at top) > Desired data (e.g., Data: Degrees Granted and Enrollment)
  • Click here for LiveText Support

Pegasus Mine Portal

The Pegasus Mine Information Portal is the gateway to access university data and information in a secure web environment. The portal provides the ability for the UCF user community to run pre-built dynamic reports that provide trend data for use in operational decision-making, strategic planning, forecasting, and performance measurement. The ability to create, design and share information reports is also available in the portal environment based upon user security level and training.

In addition to enhanced reporting and information sharing capabilities, the Pegasus Mine Information Portal is the access point for standard reports and information provided by Institutional Knowledge Management (IKM). These reports include ECHO Snapshot, Enrollment Profiles, Course Registration Profile, SCH (Student Credit Hour), Retention, Degrees Awarded and Grades Distribution.

Data Available

  • Course Information
    • Course Registration
    • Faculty Instruction Reports
    • SACS Reports
    • Course Registration Quick Reference
  • Degrees Awarded
    • University Degrees
    •  Minors and Certificates
    •  All awards by College and Department
    • Time-to-Degree Report
  • Enrollment
    • Enrollment Credit Hour Overview (ECHO) Snapshot
    • Enrollment Profiles (Summer, Fall, Spring of current year)
    •  Miscellaneous Enrollment Reports (e.g., age, geography, headcount by ethnicity and gender)
  •  Faculty
    • Faculty Instruction Reports
    • Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Report
  • Grades
  • Retention
    • Undergraduate Retention Reports
    • Start Junior Cohorts
    • Graduate Retention Reports
  • Student Credit Hours (SCH)
    • SCH Reports
      ·  Undergraduate – Lower Level
      ·  Undergraduate – Upper Level
      ·  Graduate
      ·  Thesis and Dissertation
    • Miscellaneous SCH Reports
      ·  Annual FTE Summary
      ·  Annual and Term SCH Summary by College and Department
      ·  Section Size Report
  • Student Tracker
    • Admission Reports
    • Retention Reports
    • Graduation Reports

How to Access

  • Login to myUCF
    Navigate to Staff Applications > Pegasus Mine Portal

UCF OEAS Knowledgebase

UCF OEAS Knowledgebase is a secure portal that provides central access to Operational Excellence and Assessment Support (OEAS) statistical and survey study reports such as Graduating Student Surveys, Entering Student Surveys and the National Survey of Student Engagement. UCF users will use their Institutional Assessment (IE) Login credentials to access OEAS Knowledgebase.  Faculty and staff who do not have an IE user name and password, please contact for login credentials to OEAS Knowledgebase.

Data Available

  • Entering Students Survey
  • Graduating Students Survey
  • First Destination Survey
  • National Survey of Student Engagement

How to Access

College of Education and Human Performance Conceptual Framework

Click here to download the document (pdf).

Conceptual Framework Video

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