Clinical Staff

The Clinical Staff consists of advanced graduate students with specialties in Mental Health, School, and/or Marriage and Family Counseling. These master's and doctoral students are at the end of an intensive and comprehensive graduate program and are applying acquired knowledge to their work with clients seeking all forms of assistance. Supervised by faculty members and/or doctoral students learning clinical supervision, the clinical staff provides all the direct care to clients.

Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff of the CCRC includes the Clinic Director, the Administrative Coordinator, the Supervisory Coordinator, and the Practicum Coordinator.

The Clinic Director is a faculty member in the Counselor Education Program and is responsible for both the administration of the CCRC and for coordinating all aspects of the practicum experiences for Counselor Education students in the school, mental health, and marriage and family therapy tracks. In addition to coordinating practicum supervisors, the Clinic Director supervises the Clinic Coordinators (who are doctoral students) and the Clinic Interns (who are advanced master's students).

The Administrative Coordinator is a third-year doctoral student.

  • Purchase Order for CCRC supplies (tissues, cleaning supplies, etc)
  • Copy Orders for copies of CCRC paperwork
  • Assigning Audits (mid term and final)
    • Training other clinic staff how to complete audits
  • Ensuring Practicum Matrix is Completed on time
    • Scheduling students and client sessions at the beginning of each semester
    • Entering students into CCRC software (creating user ID information for each student)
    • Ensuring students have proper tech access before each semester (in contact with Tech office)
  • Recruiting Volunteers for Intake Specialist positions
    • Checking in with Volunteer Coordinator on Volunteers
  • Checking in with Clinical Supervisor if anything is needed
  • On call for Faculty instructors
  • Liaison for CCRC needs with campus offices (Facilities, Tech, Budget office)
  • Exporting Clinic Videos (tech office can help with this)
    • Ordering toner if needed (check with tech office first)
  • Updating/Formatting Clinic Documents
    • Updating Group Sites with any e-mails from instructor
  • Collect and manage practicum students’ professional liability insurance
  • Attending Weekly Clinic Meetings
  • Attending and facilitating Practicum Orientation
    • After practicum orientation (within one week) E-mail students practicum orientation power point and Group Sites
  • Conduct and write CCRC research

The Supervisory Coordinator is a second-year doctoral student.

  • Supervise CCRC interns
    • Answer general questions
    • Attend CCRC triadic supervision
    • Review clinical sessions from CCRC interns
  • Process and function as primary contact for CAPS referrals
  • Process, provide, and function as primary contact for students ‘Record Verification Form’
  • Run CCRC Statistics report (share responsibility with Practicum Coordinator)
    • Run weekly and add TOTAL for semester into CCRC Statistics Report
    • Bring to staff meeting
  • Complete CCRC Mid-semester and Final file audits
  • Recruit volunteer Intake Specialists from classes
  • Updating/Formatting CCRC protocol/client forms
  • Scheduling clients

The Practicum Coordinator is a first-year doctoral student who manages all volunteer work in the clinic.

  • Monitors scheduling, ensuring clients are booked for all students in the clinic
  • Conducts phone intakes and matches client to counselor
  • This individual works with practicum instructors and students with client issues, technical questions, and other clinic related tasks