First Visit Information

Arriving to the Clinic

Please visit the "directions" tab for detailed directions and map to the parking lot and clinic locations.


During your first visit, you will receive a complimentary parking pass to be displayed from your rearview mirror during your sessions. You will use this for the entire semester. These passes change each semester, so please remember to obtain a new parking pass if you are a returning visitor of the CCRC. Parking passes are valid only in the Tony Jennings Exceptional Education lot located to the south of parking garage A. Each pass is identified with a number and is to be used only during the day and time of your appointment. Using the parking pass outside of the designated time and/or location will result in a fine or possible towing. Also, if there is no parking available in this parking lot, please inform a staff member. If you happen to receive a parking ticket between the time you obtain the parking pass and the time you display this pass on your dashboard, please let a staff member know and we will assist you with this.

Waiting Room

Once you arrive in the waiting room of the CCRC, please ring the doorbell that is adjacent to the padlocked entrance. Upon ringing the doorbell, you will be greeted by one of our staff members and given the parking pass to display in your car. Once you have placed your parking pass in your car, please come back into the waiting room and wait quietly and your counselor will be out to greet you shortly.

First Session(s)

The first session is primarily focused on the completion and/or review of paperwork and questionnaires. It is important to note that the first few sessions are "assessment sessions." As a training facility, our counselors are able to provide a certain level of care consistent strictly with an outpatient clinic (once a week sessions, no crisis or after-hours care). If the counselor or supervisor identifies that our clinic is unable to provide you with the quality of care that you deserve, your counselor will provide you with appropriate local referrals that can meet your needs.

No-show/Cancellation Policy (1st Session)

In order to meet the needs of the community and provide services to those individuals on the waiting list, the Clinic abides by a strict cancellation/ no-show policy. If you fail to attend your first scheduled session, you will be automatically removed from the counselor's schedule in order to accommodate other available parties from the waiting list. In order to place your name back on the waiting list, you must call in and speak with one of our available staff members. Special considerations may be arranged by your counselor on a case by case basis for emergency situations.


Your first visit to the CCRC will include some administrative duties and paperwork. There will be a number of forms for you to review and sign, including an Informed Consent a few basic assessments to let your counselor get a good sense of how they can best assist you in the counseling process. If you would like to begin filling out some of the paperwork required of you in preparation for this first session please complete the following: (a) select the Services link below, (b) download the hyperlinked forms, (d) complete these forms, and (e) bring the completed forms to your first counseling session.

Please go ahead and select the most appropriate modality of counseling below to begin filling out initial clinic paperwork for your first session: