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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Remote Observation

The following tasks should be completed before you arrive at the Internship II Orientation:

  1. Windows: Download and Install Web Cam driver from the following website:
    1. From the Creative World Wide Support Site, download the web cam driver:
      Creative Live! Cam Optia Pro Driver version 1.01.02
    2. Make sure to choose the appropriate operating system during the download process.
    3. Follow the instructions provided by the Creative Site
  2. Note: Macintosh machines do not need to complete this step.

  3. Download and Install Skype, used to send audio and video via the internet.
    1. Windows:
    2. Macintosh:
    3. Follow the instructions provided by Skype
  4. Register your laptop with the UCF Network Operations Center:
    1. From the left-hand menu, under "Wireless Network" choose "How To"
    2. Follow the instructions in step 5 to register your computer with the UCF wireless network.

    Note: If you need help with this step, please contact 407-823-5603.