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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Teaching Resources

Websites for Your Classroom

  • Classroom Tools
    • Armored Penguin – popular for its free word search and crossword puzzle generators.  Additional features include word matches and scrambles, basic arithmetic worksheets, and optical illusions. 
    • Class Tools – great resources for the classroom, including a countdown timer, random name generator, and several templates for diagramming information related to a specific topic.
    • Poll Everywhere – allows students to text their responses to a teacher-made question using their cell phones.  Results are displayed instantly on the screen for all to see.  
    • Teacher Tube – many school districts block access to YouTube, which can be frustrating when you’d like to incorporate video clips in your lesson.  This site was specifically created for teachers and keeps the content focused on education-related media, from teachers rapping about fractions to historical videos and everything in between. 
    • Wolfram Alpha – a computational engine that gives the user instant information pertaining to a particular topic or key word.  Simply type in what you want to “calculate or know about”. 
  • Organizational Tools
    • – great for brainstorming and creating flowcharts. 
    • Gliffy – design diagrams, including floor plans, SWOT analyses, charts, etc.
    • Tagxedo – transforms text into a stylish word cloud.
    • Wordle – transforms text into a stylish word cloud.


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