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Friday, April 20, 2018


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Course Schedules

Courses in the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction are listed in a suggested sequence to provide a continuum of information and application of knowledge. The core courses are offered in a sequence, in which EDG 6935, Introductory Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction, is the “entry” course that provides students with a theoretical framework in Curriculum and Instruction as a foundation for their other core courses.  This course is typically offered in the fall. Those students whose first semester is during the spring or summer will be advised about course possibilities and suggested sequence.

Core courses are both face-to-face and M classes, which are a blend of online and face-to-face.  The face-to-face sessions of M courses will be scheduled after the start of the semester on the Orlando campus. Please note: the Teacher Leadership program will also use technology such as Adobe Connect or Skype to make other portions of the core virtual.

Courses in program and content area tracks are listed in the graduate catalog and on plans of study. Students should make sure that they contact the coordinator for their selected track to ensure they remain up-to-date with their courses. The Urban Education and Gifted Education tracks are fully online.  Note: students should carefully review the course offerings in their selected tracks and follow the suggested sequence of courses. Students should also take a combination of core and elective courses each semester.

Please Note: The final 2 courses in the core are required to be taken in subsequent semesters. They may NOT be taken concurrently.

(1) EDF 6233, Introduction to Action Research and Analysis of Classroom Practice, prepares students for the Capstone Research Project at the end of the Teacher Leadership program and istypically taken in the fall.

(2) EDF 6635, Action Research and Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction, is the last course in the program where students implement the research designed in EDF 6233, and is typically taken in the spring.  Students present their research projects from EDG 6635 before a faculty panel at the end of this course, which serves as the comprehensive exam for the program. Students can be enrolled in other program or content track courses (to complete requirements) while enrolled in the action research course sequence in the core. Additionally, if necessary, students can complete the research project in the spring and graduate in the summer.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All course scheduling should be in consultation with your program advisor.