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Friday, April 20, 2018


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Graduation Requirements

Application for Graduation

  • We recommend students do this by the last day of classes of the term preceding their graduation semester or as they register for their last semester at UCF.
  • An "Intent to Graduate" form must be filled out by the student and signed by the program advisor.
  • The form should then be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs.
  • The form can be found here:

Curriculum and Instruction Standards

  • Teachers who complete the Curriculum and Instruction Program are expected to meet Curriculum and Instruction Standards as outlined in the Domains and Indicators of Leadership Performance. Coursework in the program prepares teacher leaders to meet these standards. Description of the standards can be found in the Curriculum and Instruction Handbook.
  • The domains describe what teacher leaders are expected to demonstrate in their leadership.
  • Essential knowledge describes what teacher leaders need to know and understand in order to meet the standards.
  • Leadership performance describes what teacher leaders provide as evidence that demonstrates the standard.
  • The Curriculum and Instruction Standards address the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs), revised December 2010.

Student work throughout the program addresses the domains of Curriculum and Instruction Standards. Evidence of performance in Domains V (Uses Assessments and Data for School Improvement) and VI (Advocates for Student Learning and the Profession) are required in the final Capstone Research Project.

Complete a Final Research Project: the Capstone Project.

  • Please Note: EDF 6233 (Introduction to Action Research and Analysis of Classroom Practice) and EDF 6635 (Action Research and Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction) are the two courses that prepare students for the Capstone Project at the end of the Curriculum and Instruction Program.
  • EDF 6233 is the course in which students plan the research project; EDF 6635 is the course in which the project is implemented and results are reported.
  • These courses should be taken at the END of the program, preferably in different semesters.