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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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UCF Fellowship Nominations

Submitted by: Rose Taylor

The spring semester is just around the corner and as you begin to admit students to your graduate programs remember to nominate your top admitted students for UCF fellowships. The College of Graduate Studies awards over $2 million dollars in fellowships to attract the best students. For information about eligibility and required nomination materials, visit our UCF Graduate Fellowships webpage in the faculty and staff graduate guide ( If you have questions about the fellowship nomination process, please feel free to email the Graduate Fellowship Office at

ORC Doctoral Fellowship

The Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC) and the College of Graduate Studies are partnering together for a new fellowship opportunity for the colleges beginning with the Fall 2016 semester. The intention of this new doctoral level fellowship is to recruit top students by strategically investing research overhead (indirect cost) dollars. This one year Graduate ORC Fellowship is for new doctoral graduate students only. For each $20,000 a college contributes from their combined overhead with ORC, the College of Graduate Studies will contribute $5,000 for a total fellowship of $25,000. These fellowships will also qualify for a tuition waiver and the graduate assistantship health insurance provided by the University. In years 2-4, the participating college must agree to continue support for the student with a full-time assistantship and tuition support. It is estimated that 102 new ORC Doctoral fellowships will be offered in Fall 2016 and it is expected the same number or more will be awarded to new doctoral students every year. Each academic year UCF graduates an average of 260 (not including professional degrees) doctoral students and with these new fellowships, we hope to increase this number significantly within next 4 to 5 years. Our goal is to reach 400 research doctoral degrees per year.

Increase in Tuition Waivers

To attract the best and brightest students to graduate programs, and to support the teaching and research mission of the university, the College of Graduate Studies has asked for and received an increase in the number of tuition waivers. Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, the College of Graduate Studies will be able to allocate 20% more tuition waivers to support the new Graduate ORC Fellowship and to help meet the teaching and research needs of academic programs.

Tuition Waiver Regulation

In Fall 2015 we revised the regulation governing how tuition waivers are used and the revisions were approved in December 2015. This revised regulation will allow waivers to be used for graduate assistants who are employed in any of the following job codes: 9183, 9184, 9187, 9181, 9182, and 9186.  This change will allow programs to have greater flexibility (e.g. GTAs and in some cases GRAs) in how they use the tuition waivers allocated to them. More information about this regulation is located on the UCF regulations webpage:

Increase in Minimum Stipend Amounts

Each academic year UCF hires over 1,300 graduate students on teaching and research assistantships. These students help faculty in the classroom, conduct valuable research, and add to the overall quality of education at the university. The minimum stipend for graduate students hired on an assistantship agreement is currently $6,600 for a Fall/Spring contract working 20 hours per week. Given the importance of recruiting top graduate students to our programs, effective Fall 2016 the minimum stipend levels for a 20 hour per week assistantship will be raised to $10,000 for master's students and $12,000 for doctoral students. To help offset the cost of these new stipend minimums, the College of Graduate Studies requested funding from the university budget committee. The request was approved and funds will be made available through an allocation to assist colleges and programs in this transition.

Doctoral Graduates Website

CGS has developed a website of UCF Doctoral Graduates: The website includes all UCF doctoral graduates, from the first graduate in Fall 1980 to the most recent term. This site shows the increase in UCF doctoral offerings and graduates over time and reflects the university’s growing research activity and reputation.

  • The data refresh daily from PeopleSoft records, so they are always current.
  • Filtering options include by Term, Degree, Program and Subplan, Chair, and Student.
  • Results can be exported to Excel for use in your department or college.

Graduate Studies Speaker Series

Celebrating the 15-year anniversary of interdisciplinary graduate programs at UCF, four speakers who are using interdisciplinary skill sets to effect positive change have been invited to campus for this speaker series. These events are free and open to all UCF faculty, staff, and students as well as the Central Florida community: