Michael C. Hynes, Ph.D.

Michael C. Hynes, Ph.D.
School Director
School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Phone: 407-823-1768/407-823-2005

Email: michael.hynes@ucf.edu

Office: ED 209 D


Dr. Hynes attended Kenyon College and received a Bachelor of Science in Education from The Ohio State University. He taught mathematics and science in Akron, Ohio public schools for seven years. While teaching, he completed a Master's degree in Mathematics Education at Kent State University.

After completing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Kent State University, Dr. Hynes joined Florida Technological University in Orlando as an Assistant Professor in the Elementary Education Department. Dr. Hynes has been promoted twice in his tenure at the university, and now holds the rank of Professor.

Dr. Hynes professional interests relate to mathematics education, science education, the use of technology in instruction, problem solving, and the improving the preparation of teachers. He has been very active in obtaining external funding for research. He has received over $4,000,000 in funding in over his career. Dr. Hynes directed a joint project of NASA and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Mission mathematics, that resulted in three books for teacher of mathematics, and Directed the program associated with the NASA Educator’s Resource Center at Kennedy Space Center. Over the years, Dr. Hynes has been published in many journals related to mathematics education and has consulted on several basal mathematics series for elementary schools.

Pegasus Professor Emeritus Hynes is the founding director of the Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy for Mathematics and Science. This endowed program continues to prepare teachers of mathematics and science from elementary and middle schools for leadership roles in the improvement of mathematics and science teaching.

Since 2004, his research and development activity has been focused on the development of a simulator for education known as TeachLivE. With colleagues Charles Hughes and Lisa Dieker, Hynes received $1.5 in funding to accelerate the development of  TeachLivE. The simulator is now licensed by UCF to Mursion, Inc. for commercialization.

Professional Summary