Richard Hartshorne, Ph.D.

Richard Hartshorne, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Coordinator
Department of Educational and Human Sciences

Phone: 407-823-1861


Office: ED 320 H


As with my teaching and service agenda, my current research interests mainly involve the production and effective integration of instructional technologies into the teaching and learning environment. The major areas of my research interests are rooted in technology and teacher education, instructional technology production, online instruction and professional development, and the integration of technology into the k-12 and higher education curriculum. I am interested in how teachers use emerging instructional technologies, the effects of various types of instructional technologies on teaching methods and philosophies, the effects of various types of educational technologies on student achievement, teacher views toward educational technologies and innovation, as well as issues related to online instruction in K-12 environments, inservice teacher professional development, and higher education. More specifically, I am interested in three major areas: 1) The use of hypermedia in teaching and learning and its influences on teacher content knowledge, attitudes, and student achievement, 2) Ways in which teachers use emerging instructional technologies and the effects of various types of emerging instructional technologies on teaching methods and philosophies, and 3) Issues related to the integration of online instruction into both the K-12 and higher education teaching and learning environment and as a tool for inservice teacher professional development.

Areas of Expertise

Instructional Design & Technology

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