Shiva Jahani, Ph.D.

Shiva Jahani, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Statistical Research
Office of the Dean

Phone: 407-823-1756


Office: ED 223 K


Shiva Jahani is currently a Coordinator for Statistical Research at the University of Central Florida. During her work at UCF, One part of her assignment is as an instructor in the statistical support lab (CASTLE-Computing and Statistical Technology Laboratory in Education), providing instructional services for both students and faculty. Since her background includes extensive coursework and experience in statistics and research methodology, she was  tasked with helping doctoral students with their research projects and dissertations. This includes providing support and tutoring for SPSS.

Her work has enabled her to present numerous papers at local and international conferences and publish in professional journals. These presentations include the International Studies Association, Asian Academy of Management International Conference, Annual International Business Conference, Knowledge Management International Conference, and Academy for Global Business Advancement Conference. She has been published in the International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) and the American Journal of Economics and Business Administration (AJEBA).

In September of 2013, she became a Postdoctoral Associate at UCF Institute for Simulation and Training. (UCF-IST). During that time she  supported a large FEMA-sponsored projects; in which a training system was developed. The work she did on FEMA projects was based on her research focusing on the formulation of behaviors, actions, decisions, and procedures in disaster incident scenes. Her  roles in this project included content development of an Incident Command Leadership course; performance measurement; interactive adult learning; research literature assessment and review.

As a voluntary service, she serve as a local community facilitator and project manager for the Information and Policy Analysis Center (IPAC), an Orlando-based nonprofit research center, where she has organized multiple conferences at the University of Central Florida. These conferences included the: "International Women’s Studies Conference", and  "Globalization, Information, Policy and Knowledge Production (GIP & KP) Annual Meeting". Also served as a board member researcher of the World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW) ( WAFW has a leadership program that was first developed in China to addresses the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

In addition, she completed her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior & Development at the School of Management (USM) from 2007 to 2011, she was a Graduate Assistant in the International Business department where she taught courses in Management Principles, and Management of organization and Organizational Behavior. Her field of study included quantitative research, and she have conducted statistics workshops for undergraduate and post graduate students in Malaysia. In other research projects, she has had responsibilities which included construction of questionnaires, data analysis, as well as results documentation.

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