Instructional Resources

CEDHP Technology and Facilities Office

Provides support for College of Education and Human Performance technology, including:

  1. College of Education website
  2. Faculty office technology
  3. College of Education and Teaching Academy classroom technology maintenance & technical support
  4. Technology required for meetings, seminars, etc. in the College of Education and Human Performance and Teaching Academy classrooms

CEDHP Curriculum Materials Center

Provides Education resources for students and faculty, including:

  1. Computer terminals with common K-12 classroom software (e.g., Inspiration)
  2. LiveText support—drop-in one-on-one assistance


Provides a helpful guide in assessing students. This page also includes a video tutorial.

ESOL Resources

The following links require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download it for free now.

ESOL First Aid for UCF Faculty Development (pdf)
Instructions on how to gain access to online course

Web-based and print-based resources

ESOL Tapestry
A faculty development website housed at USF.

Center on Instruction
Delivery models and professional development for educators in language and content areas.

Center for Applied Linguistics
Provides research-based tools and resources related to language and culture. Click on “Resources” to access free online resources and a searchable database.

Center for Distributed Learning

Provides support for online instruction, including:

  1. Webcourses support and training
  2. Panopto (lecture capture utility - live webcasting, screen recording, video capture)
  3. Student support for online learning

Office of Instructional Resources

Provides support in utilizing multimedia, interactive, and digital media resources, including:

  1. Faculty Multimedia Center
  2. Panopto (lecture capture utility - live webcasting, screen recording, video capture)
  3. Development and maintenance of classroom instructional technology

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Provides support for teaching and learning, including:

  1. Seminars on 3rd party instructional software, such as Prezi,, PowerPoint, etc.
  2. Seminars and assistance with UCF supported technology, such as online submission of grades, knights e-mail, website hosting, etc.

Computer Services and Telecommunications

Provides central technology resources including software, databases, computers networks, telephones, staff, other resources, including:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Computer Store & PC Service Center, Computer Labs
  3. Knights E-mail

Student Disability Services 

Provides information and assistance for faculty members working with students with disabilities.   

  1. Student Disability Services provides information for faculty members to assist them in accommodating students with disabilities in their courses.
  2.  Faculty members should use the testing service provided by Student Disability Services to provide appropriate testing accommodations for students' whose disabilities require such accommodations.