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The University of Central Florida’s (UCF) College of Education and Human Performance, School of Teaching, Learning and Leadership, the UCF Teaching Academy, the UCF Morgridge International Reading Center and the UCF College of Education and Human Performance’s Laboratory for the Study of Holistic Teaching and Learning are sponsoring a research conference entitled, The International Conference on Poverty, Globalization and Schooling: A Holistic Approach, slated for:

February 2018 dates to be announced
on the University of Central Florida campus

This research conference will bring together local, national and international educational theorists, researchers, and educators who are interested in the role of holistic teaching and learning in defining educational contexts and in particular, the influence of the effects of poverty on both the lives of the people they study and they themselves, as researchers.

We will seek papers -  teaching ideas, personal perspectives and empirical research - that focus on the issues of social inequality and in particular, how international educators deal with notions of poverty and social justice within the context of their own discipline.

Through this event, attendees will challenge themselves and others to become more active, involved and revealing citizens of the world – and more importantly, to portray their own meaningful, authentic and personal voices about their teaching and learning within a holistic and universal framework of engaged and self-reflective instruction.

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