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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Global and Comparative Education - Program Website

Course Descriptions and Class Schedule

Program of Study (15 Graduate Credits)

Total Required Hours:  15 Semester Hours Beyond the Bachelor’s Degree
The Graduate Certificate in Global and Comparative Education requires a minimum of 15 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree.  The curriculum includes 12 credit hours of instructional core courses and one 3 hour credit course from program electives.
Students in the GCE Graduate Certificate program will complete five courses (15 credit hours total).

EDF 6809: Introduction to Comparative and International Education (3,0) -
Course Description: Surveys the salient issues, perspectives and paradigms of comparative and international education, while introducing students to cross-national comparative research design. Even Fall.

SSE 5391: Global Education: Theory and Practice
Course Description: Examines the theoretical underpinnings of teaching about the world along with insights into the practical decisions and dilemmas inherent in teaching from a global perspective. Odd Spring.

EDF6855: Equitable Educational Opportunity and Life Chances: A Cross-National Analysis
Course Description: Analysis of how gender, class, race, ethnicity and language affect the quality and outputs of schooling, with a focus on multinational organizations and NGO’s. Odd Fall.

EDS 6365: Education and National Development:
Course Description: This course explores current issues and relationships between education and national development by studying multinational institutions and nongovernmental organizations engaged in educational planning worldwide. Even Spring.

EDG 6775: Exploring Global Educational Issues in International Contexts
Course Description: Guided field experience in global issues challenging the educational community worldwide, from both academic and experiential perspectives in conjunction with international field experiences/study abroad. Fall, Summer, Spring.

EEC 6606: Global Issues in Early Childhood
Course Description: This course is designed to provide our students with global perspectives on early childhood development and engage our students in international research activities. Even Fall..