TJEEI Executive Leadership Summit Discusses Methods for Fostering Inclusive Learning

The Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute’s (TJEEI) Executive Leadership Summit provided our college’s faculty, school administrators, educators, and stakeholders with an opportunity to explore ways to revitalize teacher excellence for enhancing equity and ensuring access to education for all learners.

The event featured keynote speakers Camille Gardiner with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida and Dean of the College of Education at Rowan University and alumna Dr. Monika Williams Shealey, ’03.

The summit’s breakout discussion groups presented research and showcased what schools are doing to support teachers and inclusive education. The information obtained during the sessions helped participants develop actions for impact.

Returning attendee Diahn Escue teaches kindergarten and first grade at the UCP Bailes Charter School, an inclusive school near UCF that combines children with and without disabilities in the classroom. She found the breakout discussion groups beneficial.

“I’m taking my notes and implementing it at my school,” said Escue. “The information will make our teachers better. Attending the breakout discussion groups added a boost of enthusiasm where you can see what educators are doing at other schools and you realize you can do that, too.”