Planting Seeds Program Prepares Education Students to Teach in Rural Schools

Since January, our college’s education students have been teaching children in rural schools thanks to the grant-funded Planting Seeds program.

Rural schools are currently facing challenges with retaining and attracting educators due to the growing teacher shortage throughout the U.S.

Teaching in rural areas may not have the attractive amenities of big-city school districts, but can be a rewarding experience.

The Planting Seeds program is providing rural schools with a solution and relief. The program, overseen by Educational Leadership Professor Dr. Jerry Johnson, is providing education students with an opportunity to teach in areas inhabited by low-income migrant workers in Central Florida.

For education student Yvonne Clark, the Planting Seeds program provided her with a new perspective and let her see the educational struggles rural children face first hand.

Learn more about how the Planting Seeds program is making a difference in our own backyard in The Christian Science Monitor story.

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