Dr. Valerie Storey’s New Edited Book Examines the Influence of the Dissertation in Practice

“Exploring the Impact of the Dissertation in Practice,” edited by Educational Leadership Associate Professor Dr. Valerie Storey, was recently published by Information Age Publishing (IAP).

The book provides an understanding of professional practice doctorate education programs in the 21st century. Contributory authors examine the impact of the dissertation experience on their professional and personal life, and in the process explain how learning in a laboratory of professional praxis creates dynamic generative knowledge enabling program graduates to become active change agents in their varying professional fields.

Dr. Storey has also written a chapter entitled “Through a Professor’s Lens: A Narrative from the Field” and our college’s alumnus Dr. Jessie Holton, ’15, contributed a chapter called “Transforming Education Leaders: Impacts of the Dissertation in Practice on Graduates of a Global Executive Level Ed.D.”

“Exploring the Impact of the Dissertation in Practice” is available at IAP, Amazon.com, and other book retailer and e-publication websites.

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