Students Share their Research During Showcase

Students presented their research projects during the Graduate and Undergraduate Research Showcase. Our college’s event provided students with an opportunity to showcase their research and receive invaluable feedback from faculty judges and their peers.

The Showcase also prepares students for the university’s Graduate Research Forum and Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence in April.

The input provides students with “a rich opportunity to think about their research and other directions because often we’re close to our research and it’s difficult to see some of the implications or connections outside of our discipline,” said Associate Dean for Research Dr. Dave Edyburn.

Students have a chance to enhance their presentation skills.

“The Showcase provides our students with an opportunity to practice discussing their research in a professional manner before they present at larger showcases,” said Office of Research Graduate Assistant Katherine Hislop.

The Graduate and Undergraduate Research Showcase’s faculty judges selected three winners and two honorable mentions from each group:

Graduate winners:

First: Angelica Fulchini – Exceptional Education ($500)

Second: Mary Mitchell – Communication Sciences and Disorders ($300)

Third: Karyn Allee-Herndon – Elementary Education ($200)

Honorable Mention: Samantha Mrstik – Exceptional Education ($100)

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Holbrook – Exceptional Education ($100)

Undergraduate winners:

First: David Foresman – Elementary Education ($500)

Second: Elizabeth Bello – Elementary Education ($300)

Third: Christine Parsons – Science Education-Chemistry Track ($200)

Honorable Mention: Bethany Fralish – Elementary Education ($100)

Honorable Mention: Afrina Rohani – Elementary Education and Psychology ($100)