ADAGE Summer Program Makes Learning Fun for Gifted Students

Gifted students from Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) embarked on academic adventures during the ADAGE (Academic Discoveries and Adventures for Gifted Enrichment) Summer Program.

Keeping kids intellectually engaged during the summer can strengthen their academic skills and help them perform at higher levels during the upcoming school year.

On the other hand, gifted children are constantly wanting to acquire more knowledge and participating in a program when school is out provides them with an opportunity to keep their passion for learning alive during the summertime.

At the summer camp, third and fifth graders explored foreign languages and cultures and Central Florida’s native plants and ecosystems at the UCF Arboretum.

The children also examined the human body’s biological systems during interactive anatomy and health activities conducted by Dr. Mohtashem Samsam and his Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences students.

The inaugural summer program was hosted by Project ELEVATE (English Learner Experience eVolving through Advanced Teacher Education), a federally-funded, collaborative partnership with SCPS and UCF that is educating teachers to better recognize potential giftedness.

Project ELEVATE’s UCF principal investigator and Gifted Education program coordinator Dr. Gillian Eriksson and her team designed the UCF and Partin Elementary School program. This was in collaboration with SCPS principal investigator and School Psychologist and alumna Jeanette Lukens, ’06 and ’13 who recruited teachers for the Partin Elementary School program and administered the registration process and data management for each participating child.

Lukens said the summer is a great time for students to expand their learning abilities.

“The program is really designed to engage and enrich gifted children during the summertime and we hope the program continues their learning in areas of interests.”