Reading Education Students Mentor and Develop Children’s Literacy Skills

Children in grades K-6 explored ways to strengthen their reading and writing abilities during our college’s summer reading clinics.

Reading Education students provided schoolchildren with one-on-one and small group instruction and provided parents with information about their child’s reading performance and at-home recommendations.

Children combined literacy, visual arts, and technology during the Digital Storytelling Camp. The students used a digital storytelling program called Storybird to create, edit, and publish stories and had an opportunity to read their stories and receive feedback from the TeachLivE student avatar Sean.

The camp allowed the students to write stories without any pressure.

“The Digital Storytelling Camp allowed students to participate in literacy activities and be creative without grading expectations,” said coordinator Dana Samuel.

Reading and Social Science Education graduate student Vanessa Diaz teaches seventh grade students at Walker Middle School in Orlando. This was her first time mentoring students during the Digital Storytelling Camp. The experience will help her become a better educator.

“I will be able to think more out of the box when it comes to creating engaging, digital activities for my students,” she said.

The final summer camp session included a parent celebration with family literacy activities like creating Comprehension Cootie Catchers and stacking cups with words. Digital Storytelling Camp children also shared their digital books with their parents.

Parents were proud of their children’s achievements during the summer reading programs, including Vanessa Peri who registered her daughter in the reading clinic to boost her literacy skills.

“I wanted to give my daughter Ashlyn that extra edge before the school year begins and keep her excited about learning and reading during the summer.”

Fall and Spring Reading Clinic programs are available. Fall registration opens on July 15.

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