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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gifted Education

Gifted Education Program at UCF

Key Questions:

What does it mean to be “gifted”? How are teaching strategies for gifted students different from effective practices relevant for all students? What special needs do diverse gifted students display, such as the poor, minority, underachieving, girls, LEP students? What unique socio-emotional needs of gifted students should be considered in counseling? How can we generate creative productivity in gifted students?

These questions will be addressed in the Program in Gifted Education at UCF., a unique opportunity to earn a Gifted Education Certificate, which is an endorsement of the Florida Teaching Certificate. There are 5 courses, which can earn you 15 credit hours towards a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. This program provides professional preparedness in accordance with the NCATE and the National Association for Gifted Children Standards for gifted education.

Gifted Education Courses: Conceptual Model

This is a Conceptual Model of the Gifted Education Program. The square represents the course Understanding Gifted and Talented Students. If we open this gift box, we observe the unique characteristics of giftedness that can be identified in these students that generate a need for an appropriate educational plan. The triangle represents the course Program Planning and Methodology for gifted and talented students which shows the interaction of student, teacher and curriculum in differentiating learning activities, and developing strategies and skills. The pie represents the course "Education of Special Populations of Gifted Students" indicating the diverse pieces of the pie in an age of changing demographics and the search for equity and excellence. The circle represents the course "Guidance and Counseling Strategies for Teachers of Gifted and Talented Individuals". This shows the self and identity of the gifted student who has unique socio-emotional needs. The graphic represents the course "The Nature and Development of Creativity". This is your chance to explore theories and research about the creative person and process as you explore your own creativity as a future teacher of gifted and talented students.

Courses are online, web-based and follow a cycle: in the Fall EGI6051 (Understanding) and EGI 6245 (Curriculum) are offered and in the Spring EGI6246 (Special Populations) and EGI 6417 (Counseling), and in Summer EGI6305 (Creativity) is offered.

You can apply for the program through:
If you are applying for the certificate alone, you need to have completed a teacher's certification as it is an endorsement to this. If you are applying for the Masters Degree specialization Gifted Education, you need to apply for the Masters admission and complete the GRE.

(Note: Training given by local school districts is not eligible for course credit towards this program.)


Dr. Gillian Eriksson