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In order to graduate from UCF, each student must file an "Intent to Graduate" application. This application includes the Intent to Graduate form and the UCF Exit Surveys. The application process is completed online via myUCF. For more information about graduation, review the frequently asked questions and answers.


For more in-depth information about admissions, review the answers to frequently asked questions.

Graduation: Master's Degree

How do I graduate from a Master's degree program?

You need to complete an Intent to Graduate (ITG) by logging on to the myUCF portal, going to your Student Center, and clicking on the "Intent to Graduate: Apply" link located in the drop-down menu under Academics. When filing your Intent to Graduate form, please be sure to complete the university and program-specific surveys.

When is the Intent to Graduate due?

You should file your online ITG as early as possible but no later than the first week of classes during your final term of enrollment in the graduate program. ITG's will not be accepted after the university's course withdrawal deadline during the term of anticipated graduation.

How do I know that I am ready to graduate?

It is your responsibility as the graduating student to verify that your Graduate Plan of Study (GPS) audit is complete and all requirements for graduation have been met. You may review your audit by logging on to your account at: > Student Center. Things to consider and look for that may prevent your graduation:

  • Have all of your course requirements been met on your audit and listed as "satisfied"? If not, you'll need to meet with your faculty advisor to have course substitutions approved in writing and submitted to the College of Education and Human Performance, Office of Graduate Affairs, ED 315.
  • Do you have any issues noted on your audit that are preventing your graduation (e.g., courses more than 7 years old, "C" grades, transferring more than 50% of your program)? If so, you'll need to complete and turn in a petition for College and university review and approval. Petition forms can be found under the Forms page.

    Petitions should be filed, reviewed, and approved before the anticipated semester of graduation.

  • Do you have any unresolved grade changes?
  • Is your overall graduate status Grade Point Average (GPA) a 3.0 or above? This GPA is located the very top, left-hand side of your audit.
  • Have you earned any grades less than a "C"? No grades less than "C" may meet course completion requirements in a graduate program of study.
  • Are you registered during the term of intended graduation? Graduating students must be enrolled at UCF during the term of graduation.

    If you have completed all coursework for graduation but still have graduation requirements to meet (for example, comprehensive exam or FTCE exam or thesis clean-up), you need to be enrolled in IDS 6999. Please contact the College of Education and Human Performance, Graduate Affairs, ED 115, to authorize your enrollment in this one hour graduation requirement.

Waivers of registration requirement are only granted to:

  1. Students who failed to meet graduation requirements in the preceding semester and have now completed all degree requirements before the end of the late drop/add period in the semester of graduation.
  2. Traveling Scholars who received permission from the College of Graduate Studies to complete their final semester at another institution.
  3. Students with extreme extenuating circumstances that may prevent their registration (e.g. hospitalization, severe illness, or family emergency).
  4. Students completing an incomplete grade ("I") in the term of graduation.

Have you successfully met the comprehensive exam requirement?

Students generally sit for this exam in either their final semester of study
or the semester before their final term of study. Some programs have alternative methods of meeting this culminating experience requirement (for example, writing a thesis or passing licensure exams), so be sure to check with your faculty advisor if this requirement has not been satisfied on your audit.

Is the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) or the Florid Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) a graduation requirement for you?

Passing results on the FTCE, a state mandated exam, are required of all students enrolled in initial teacher preparation programs in the College of Education and Human Performance. This exam includes the General Knowledge Test (GKT), Subject Area Exam (SAE), and Professional Area Exam (Ped). Additionally, passing results on the Subject Area Exam (SAE) are required in most of the M.Ed. programs. Please check your Plan of Study for this requirement.

Passing results on the FELE, also state mandated, are required of all students enrolled in the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.

Information on taking these exams and the procedures for signing up are in our office, Graduate Affairs ED 115, or can be found online at

Will I be notified if there are problems with my graduation?

Once you have filed your online Intent to Graduate (ITG), a formal review of your audit will be performed. We will notify you be email several times during the semester regarding whether your file is complete and ready for graduation OR if there are remaining graduation requirements for you to meet. As the graduating student, it if your responsibility to follow-up on these notices and resolve all issues that may prevent your graduation.

How will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed by the College of Graduate Studies about 4-6 weeks after commencement. They are mailed to the address you indicated on your Intent to Graduate.

What if I don't graduate by the semester indicated?

If you do not meet graduation requirements during the term indicated on your Intent to Graduate (ITG), you must file a new form at the beginning of registration for the next term of anticipated graduation. Remember that you must be enrolled at UCF during your term of graduation OR you may request an 'enrollment exception' from the College of Education and Human Performance, Graduate Affairs, ED 115.