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Saturday, October 1, 2016

KnightED Talks

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Photos of Student Showcase

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Photos of KnightED Talks Workshop

2007 KnightED Talks Student Showcase

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Waiting for the opening session to begin
Checking in at registration
Checking in at registration
Looking at all the door prizes
Waiting for the opening session to begin
Dr. Verkler starting the opening session
Dr. Verkler and keynote
A heavily-attended presentation
Engaging the audience
Assisting at a presentation
Reader's Theater poster
Curriculum Materials Center display
The Orange County History Center participation
ACEI Café menu
Teaching how to create a safe haven for learning.
Teaching how to create reusable centers.
Eyeing the door prizes.
Learning new strategies.
Introducing ice breakers.
Audience practicing classroom management strategies.
Curriculum Materials Center display
Miller's School Supplies display
A couple of happy student presenters!
Nancy and Linda teaching how to make reading fun.
Registration assistant and Ms. Silvia Diaz
Proud student presenters
Student presenters with certificates of participation
Way to go, student presenters!
Several HAPPY Hour Committee members
Warming up the audience during the opening session