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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Photos of HAPPY Hour Workshop

2008 HAPPY Hour Student Showcase

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A center for literacy skills
A man in a box!
And here are directions…
Explaining Word Walls
Another literacy skill center
Audience at the Closing Session
Shares learning center
Checking out materials at the vendors
Creating materials at a center
Dr. Verkler playing math twister
Talking to a student about teaching opportunities
HAPPY Dr. Joyce Nutta!
HAPPY Hour person helping out
HAPPY Hour Rocks!
HAPPY People
HAPPY Person
HAPPY Person at registration
Having fun while learning
I can't wait to buy all this stuff!
Igor representing the CMC
Checking out the vendors
Learning how to have fun with manipulatives!
Learning while having fun!
Math CAN be fun!
Participants engaged in hands-on activities
Partipants eagerly waiting for directions
Presenter modeling wait time strategies
Presenter teaching origami
Presenter talking about the school community
Presenter sharing her center
Presenter talks about PowerPointlessness
Presenter working the audience!
Presenter teaching about literature circles
Presenter models how to make music books!
Presenter explains how to use literature across the curriculum
Presenter captivating the audience.
Presenter sharing ESOL strategies
Presenter listening to participant
Presenter at her station
Presenter talks about math games
Publishing possibilities exhibit
Really cool conference bag!
Smile for the camera!
Student assistants with door prizes
The HAPPY Hour Student Showcase advertises the 3rd Showcase!
Two HAPPY participants
Two participants working diligently
Using bubbles to teach math
Very attentive
Very focused
Way to go, 2008 HAPPY Hour Student Showcase presenters!
Talking about FCAT strategies