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UCF Instructional Technology Online Portfolio Assessment System


Please Note: The information contained on this page, along with related links, is currently in draft form and has been posted to test with and gain input from various stakeholders. The current plan is to complete and begin implementing the portfolio assessment system with new students entering the program starting Fall 2006.

A portfolio is a purposeful collection of an individual's work that exhibits the individual's efforts, progress, capabilities, and achievements in one or more areas. The primary purposes of the Instructional Technology portfolio assessment system are to:

  • ensure that you (Instructional Technology graduate student) have the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in today's workforce;
  • provide you and faculty with a profile of your emerging skills and knowledge to better guide you in your learning and program of study;
  • provide a public record of your abilities so that you can better market your skills and knowledge and so that others outside of the program have a better idea of what are students know and can do.

  • assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of the Instructional Design & Technology Program ; and

  • guide program revisions for continuous improvement.

The information and materials presented here (and on linked pages) represent an initial draft of Instructional Technology Online Portfolio Assessment System.

In Fall 2005 and Spring 2006, student volunteers (primarily from EME6207) will be testing and refining our portfolio assessment system. Instructional Technology Advisory Council members, as well as other invited experts in the field and in portfolio assessments are also being asked to review and provide input on the initial system during this time.

Beginning Fall 2006, new candidates pursuing the Instructional Systems and e-Learning tracks within the Instructional Technology Master's Degree program will be required to create, maintain and continuously update an online portfolio to demonstrate porgress toward, and achievement of program standards.

The portfolio assessment system will then be adapted for Instructional Technology candidates pursuing graduate certificates, the Educational Technology track within the Instructional Technology Master's Degree program, and doctoral candidates over-time.

The following information have been prepared to guide candidates through the portfolio assessment system:

Anyone interested in our portfolio assessment system is free to review listed documents. If you have any questions or comments, please contact an Instructional Technology faculty member.