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Friday, February 24, 2017

UCF College of Education and Human Performance Art Education Program

Professional Certificates in Instructional Technology

Do you already have a master’s degree? Maybe you are just not ready to commit to an entire master’s degree. The Instructional Design & Technology Program offers three professional certificates for those seeking to gain or update their skills in particular areas of study, including:

Each certificate is comprised of 5 courses totaling 15 credit hours each that may then be applied toward a master’s degree in Instructional Technology if you choose to continue with their academic preparation.


The e-Learning certificate program is designed for educators in K-12 and higher education, trainers, and instructional designers. The program focuses on teaching the design, delivery and evaluation of high-quality e-learning materials for inservice, preservice teachers and online trainers. The e-Learning Professional Development Certificate program requires 15 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. The Florida Virtual School endorses this eLearning program.

E-Learning: Program of Study (15 credit hours)

  • EME 6613: Instructional System Design (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6507: Multimedia in Education and Training (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6457: Distance Education (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6417: Interactive Online and Virtual Teaching Environments (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6458: Virtual Teaching and the Digital Educator (3 credit hours)

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Educational Technology

The graduate certificate in Instructional/Educational Technology provides an opportunity for study and professional training. The program requires a great deal of independent thinking and emphasis is placed on the cultivation of scholarly attitudes and methods. The certificate program will prepare students with a subject matter degree, who wish to apply for State of Florida Teacher technology positions. Also, students will acquire the subject matter needed to meet the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and being adopted by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Several courses will be taught online and others will be taught with flexible scheduling at the Orlando Campus.

Educational Technology Graduate Certificate: Program of Study (15 credit hours)

  • EME 5050 Fundamentals of Technology for Educators (3 credit hours)
  • EME 5053 Electronic Resources for Education (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6405 Application Software for Educational Settings (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6507 Multimedia in the Classroom (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6602 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (3 credit hours)

For recommendations on when to take courses, please contact your faculty advisor.

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Instructional Design for Simulations

Training and educational programs are now incorporating stand alone and PC-based simulations and games to enhance human motivation and performance. The result has been a growing demand for simulation and game-based training and instructional systems in corporate, government and education sectors. Initially, academic programs in Modeling and Simulation have focused on the engineering, programming and mathematical components, with relatively little attention being placed on the educational and instructional components of training simulations. Similar, game developers often have little to no knowledge of instructional design, and instructional designers have little to no knowledge of game development. The graduate certificate in the Instructional Design for Simulations takes an interdisciplinary approach to prepare instructional designers, human resource and training specialists in corporate, industry and educational settings to work with simulation and game experts to design training and educational systems that address both the technical and the instructional aspects of standalone and PC-based desktop training simulations and games.

Instructional Design for Simulations: Program of Study (15 credit hours)

  • EME 6613 Instructional Systems Design (3 credit hours)
  • IDS 5937 Modeling and Simulation for Instructional Design (3 credit hours)
  • DIG 6432 Transmedia Story Creation (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6601 Instructional Simulations Design for Training and Education (3 credit hours)
  • EME 6614 Instructional Game Design for Training and Education (3 credit hours)

Currently, one course associated with the Instructional Design for Simulations (IDS) graduate certificate is taught each semester. For recommendations on when to take courses, please contact your faculty advisor.

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