International Education

Academic Programs, Conferences, and Organizations

Academic Programs
Global, International, and Comparative Education

The UCF College of Education and Human Performance offers a graduate certificate in Global, International, and Comparative Education. This certificate provides PreK-12 teachers with global perspectives to enrich their curriculum as well as preparing individuals who intend to work in international and cross-cultural settings.

This program is particularly useful for graduate students interested in working within international organizations such as the World Bank and UNESCO, the US Department of State, NGOs such as Save the Children, and international schools.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows

In the College of Education and Human Performance, at least two assistantships with in-state tuition remission (does not include local fees) and paid health insurance are reserved for Peace Corps Fellows who have already obtained Florida residency since leaving the Peace Corps.


UCF and the College of Education and Human Performance's faculty leads and facilitates the following international conferences:

International Conference on Poverty, Globalization and Schooling: A Holistic Approach

This research conference will bring together local, national and international educational theorists, researchers, and educators who are interested in the role of holistic teaching and learning in defining educational contexts and in particular, the influence of the effects of poverty on both the lives of the people they study and they themselves, as researchers.

International Education Week at UCF

International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education that celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange across campuses worldwide.

International Society for the Social Studies Conference

With scholarly presentations and practical teacher workshops on various social studies related topics from prominent experts, the ISSS conference provides a platform for all educators to engage in rich dialogue about the social studies. The ISSS conference has featured speakers from across the United States as well as across the world including Portugal, Canada, India, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, China, Nigeria, and a host of other countries.

UCF ADAGE Gifted Conference

UCF Advocates for Advanced and Gifted Education (ADAGE) Annual Conference offer an annual conference of relevance to teachers, administrators and parents. In 2017 this will be sponsored by Project ELEVATE, a USDOE Jacob K. Javits Grant #S206A150014. Explore innovative research, perspectives, technology and best practices for teaching High-Ability, Gifted and Talented learners from diverse populations.

Professional Organizations
Global Nomads Group

Established in 1998, the Global Nomads Group (GNG) is an international NGO that creates interactive educational programs for students about global issues.

Association for the Advancement of International Education

AAIE is a dynamic global community providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and research concerning development in the field of international education, school leadership and to advance international education through participation with educational institutions and associations worldwide.

International Education and Resource Network

The world's largest non-profit global network that enables teachers and youth to use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

A member organization promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to the field.

Association for Childhood Education International

ACEI is a global community of educators and advocates who unite knowledge, experience, and perspectives in order to exchange information, explore innovation and advocate for children.

Phi Delta Kappa International

PDK's mission is to support education, particularly public education, as the cornerstone of democracy. Its vision is to be the experts in cultivating great educators for tomorrow while continuing to ensure high-quality education for today.

Association for World Education

Association for World Education (AWE) is an international NGO with consultative status in the United Nations and with more than 20 chapters across the world. AWE is a network of individuals, groups and organizations that work with innovative methods of education, democracy, human rights and cultural exchange across the globe. AWE works primarily in the areas of Education, Democracy and Human Rights.

Comparative and International Education Society

Founded in 1956 to foster cross-cultural understanding, scholarship, academic achievement and societal development through the international study of educational ideas, systems, and practices. The Society's members include more than 2000 academics, practitioners, and students from around the world.

World Education Fellowship International

Founded in 1921, the World Education Fellowship is voluntary and non-partisan, and enjoys the status of a UNESCO non-governmental organisation. It is open to educators, members of associated professions, and to all members of the public who have a common interest in education at all levels.

International Society for Technology in Education

The premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in improving teaching and learning by advancing the effective use of technology in PK-12 and teacher education. Home of NETS and ISTE's annual conference and exposition (formerly NECC), ISTE represents more than 100,000 professionals worldwide.

International Conference on Thinking

COT is an excellent platform for the meeting of thinkers and people of action and those with innovative minds from across the globe. It has consistently attracted world leaders in education, business and industry, health, government and community organizations including cultural, scientific and educational institutions.

International Schools Association

The International Schools Association works to promote international and intercultural understanding. In so doing the Association espouses a number of values - peace, freedom, equality, tolerance and the celebration of both diversity and similarity - which express for the Association the essential meaning and purpose of multiculturalism and international mindedness.

World Council for Gifted and Talented Children

The WCGTC is a diverse organization networking the globe with an active membership of educators, scholars, researchers, parents, educational institutions, affiliated federations, and others interested in the development and education of gifted and talented children of all ages.

The International Society for the Social Studies

The International Society for the Social Studies (ISSS) is a non-profit, professional society devoted to the social studies. ISSS is an international interdisciplinary society for individuals striving to promote and enhance the importance of social studies education across the world.

International Literacy Association

The International Literacy Association is a global advocacy and membership organization of more than 300,000 literacy educators, researchers, and experts across 75 countries.