International Education

Internship Abroad in England

Join us in the United Kingdom to expand your educational experiences during your last semester in Internship II. This program examines differentiating instruction based on assessment of student learning needs and recognition of individual differences in students. You will learn more about valuing diversity while respecting students' cultural, linguistic, and familial backgrounds. You will also work on developing the ability to collaborate with the home, school, and larger community to foster communication and to support student learning and continuous improvement.

Internship Experience - United Kingdom

  • Complete 10 full weeks and all requirements for Internship II in Florida, first.
  • Follow with 3+ weeks of internship experience at the University of St. Mark & St. John (commonly referred to as Marjon), England
  • Experience classroom instruction in elementary and/or secondary schools associated with University of St Mark & St. John (commonly referred to as Marjon), Plymouth, England
  • Completion of classroom experience project associated with school observations and instruction
  • Living Arrangements and classroom instruction at the University of Marjon, Plymouth, England
  • Open to ALL eligible students doing internship II or graduate internship in all majors.

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For more information see the UCF Study Abroad website.

Rolling application deadline for Spring 2019: specific cutoff date TBA.

Contact Dr. Roberta Ergle or Lindsay Archambault