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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

UCF College of Education Initial Teacher Professional Preparation


University:  UCF College of Graduate Studies
College:  CEDHP Graduate Affairs

Does completing the ITPP graduate certificate certify me as a professional teacher?
No.  Earning the ITPP certificate is not the same as earning teacher certification.The ITPP graduate certificate provides you with necessary educational foundation coursework, which is one part of the overall certification process. For most applicants, the ITPP courses are one of several requirements that the Florida Department of Education will ask you to complete to work towards your temporary certification. For more information on moving from the temporary certificate to the professional certificate please consult the Florida Department of Education for your unique Statement of Status of Eligibility (SSE) for state licensure/certification.

How long does it take to complete the course work?
Three to five semesters is generally the completion time.

Can I complete the program if I am working full-time?
Yes. The ITPP@UCF has been designed with this in mind!

Are web-based courses available?
All core courses are now available online. The fifth course (special methods) usually requires campus based attendance.
However, students may transfer an equivalent course from other accredited Florida State Institutions.
See the page, Course Substitution.

How can I be assured of getting the schedule I want?
To insure quality, only professors conduct each course and class sizes are limited.

(1) Apply to the UCF College of Graduate Studies before the published deadline.
(2) Note your registration date and register on time.
(3) If a class appears to be “full” add your name to the Wait List.

Is the Graduate Record Examination GRE required for admission?
No.  Those using ITPP@UCF coursework to pursue a Masters of Arts in Teaching here in the College of Education & Human Performance are advised to contact the MAT program coordinator to discuss your plans, including admission requirements.

Is financial aid available?
Yes, The ITPP Certificate program is eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Students must complete the FASFA form in accordance with established policy. You must declare the ITPP certificate on your Graduate Program Application to qualify for aid. For additional information, please visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance website at: Students may also consider applying for optional/private loans which are credit based loans. 

Are Scholarships available?
Yes.  ITPP@UCF participants may apply for the Nannette McLain Endowed Scholarship through the College of Education & Human Performance. Contact the Office of Student Assistance about funding sources, 407-823-2827 or apply on-line.  Note that tuition reimbursement programs may be in place in your local school district.   Click on the page Teacher Certification on this site for central Florida contact information.

What is the cost per course?
Tuition information is available in the UCF on-line catalog.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. Information is available in the on-line catalog.  You will also find instructions for using credit cards when you register on-line.

I am in the courses and hear the instructor and colleagues talking about LiveText.  Do I need to know about this?
Yes. LiveText is the company that provides the online platform for teacher candidates creating and maintaining an electronic “portfolio”. Expect your education courses to include LiveText assignments.  Purchase of this electronic portfolio is required for those in a catalog year of 2015 or later. It is highly recommended for catalog years of 2014 or earlier for anyone considering professional teacher certification and particularly for those pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching here in the College of Education & Human Performance. For more information about LiveText, click here.

Am I required to complete LiveText assignments for course credit?
Yes.  All assignments address the competencies in the course syllabi.  Teacher candidates also “submit” assignments to instructors via the LiveText “dashboard”.  When approved, these assignments can then be “uploaded” into their portfolio.

Can course work be applied to a master's degree?
Yes. All course work may be applied to Masters of Arts in Teaching programs here in the College of Education & Human Performance.
ITPP@UCF participants are advised to check with Teacher Education MAT program directors to see what courses might be applied.

Will these courses prepare me to take a certification exam in another state?
Some states, like Florida create a unique battery of certification tests. We recommend that you contact the Department of Education for the state in question. Or conduct an internet search.  For example ... Alabama teacher certification tests ... produced the URL,

Will these courses either certify or endorse me in ESOL here in Florida?
The ITPP@UCF is a group of courses with embedded ESOL competencies.  Note however that “certified" and “endorsed” are FLDOE terms relative to the needs of each individual educator. For example, some educators are required the equivalent of 60 in-service hours ... other 300!  Therefore, we suggest that you work closely with the Certification Specialist in your district. They have the expertise to explain how your academic record might be interpreted by the FLDOE.

How do I file an Intent to Graduate?
See the Graduate Procedures webpage.

Will I be notified if there are problems with my graduation?
Once you’ve turned in your completed and submitted the Graduate Certificate Completion Form, a formal review of your audit will be performed.  We will notify you during the semester whether your file is complete and ready for graduation OR if there are remaining graduation requirements for you to meet.  As the graduating student, it is your responsibility to follow-up on these notices and resolve issues that may prevent your graduation.
Questions?  Feel free to contact Graduate Affairs here in the college any time!

What if I don’t graduate by the semester indicated?
If you don’t meet graduation requirements during the term indicated on your Certificate Completion Form, file a new form at the beginning of registration for the next semester.

How will I receive my certificate?
Certificates of Completion are mailed by the UCF College of Graduate Studies 6-8 weeks after commencement to the address you indicate on your graduation form.

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