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Sunday, September 24, 2017

KnightED Talks

Committee Members

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Rita B. Buchoff, Ed.D.
Caitlyn Bukaty
Roberta Ergle, Ph.D.
Lenora Forsythe, Ed.D.
Donna Frazee
Elizabeth Hoffman, Ph.D.
Michelle Kelley, Ed.D.
Analexis Kennedy, Ed.S.
Irina McLaughlin, M.A.
Megan Nickels, Ph.D.
Elsie Olan, Ph.D.
D'Ann Rawlinson, Ed.D.
Sherron Roberts, Ed.D.
Lee-Anne Trimble Spalding, Ed.D.
Lou Stanley, M.Ed.
Shane Trenta, Ed.D.
Cheryl Van De Mark
Cyndi Walters, M.Ed.
Taylar Wenzel, Ed.D.

KnightED Talks Student Ambassadors

Lauren Coghlan

Cierra Woods

Nicole Sorensen

Kelsey Smith

Alana Lami

Click here to download the KnightED Talks Student Ambassador Application.

Whom to contact for information?

Kennedy, Analexis, Ed.S.
KnightED Talks Committee Chair