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Friday, June 22, 2018

Learn more about being a KnightED Talks Student Showcase Presenter


KnightED Talks


"Seeing the time and energy my peers have put into this profession has made me want to do just the same. When I become a teacher, I want to make sure I don't just rely on myself to get the job done. I need to remember that the road goes both ways. I need to seek out those suggestions from my collegues, administrators, and even students. Teaching isn't just about what the teacher can offer. After having the experience of attending the Showcase, I know there is so much more I need to know about teaching, and events like this make me want to learn more."
-Developing educator

"The Showcase furthered my experience of having to speak in front of people, whether those people are elementary or adult. Also, it made me evaluate a project that I had completed and during the process I realized ways to improve it and things that needed to be changed."
-Student presenter

"The Showcase gave me the ability to build my confidence and speak in front of my peers. Many of the comments/criticisms on the forms I received were similar to ideas I already had about improving my public speaking skills and about the content of my workshop."
-Student presenter

"I felt good sharing these ideas because these are the skills I have learned that have made me love teaching even more than I already did and have taught me so much about how to be a great teacher, leader, and role model."
-Student presenter

"My favorite part was that no matter how many times I presented the same concept, people receive the message completely totally different than you intended it to be. It's just very interesting because you learn something new every time about what you are presenting because of the feedback you are getting and the interaction from the other people."
-Student presenter

"I gained a lot of respect for others who present at national conferences. It is an intimidating thing to do, but it is worth it because you may help one of your peers who has no idea about the topic you present. One of the people who attended my workshop came up to me afterward and started raving about how excited she was to use Gardner’s theory in her own classroom. The fact that she was so thankful made me realize that sharing knowledge with peers can help ignite a fire in someone else and can really get them motivated. I have also attended many conferences where I left feeling energized and confident to try new strategies in my own classroom. I think that is the greatest benefit out of being a presenter and attending workshops."
-Student presenter