Dr. D. Ray Reutzel
University of Wyoming

D. Ray Reutzel is Dean of the College of Education at the University of Wyoming.  Previous to his current position, he was the Emma Eccles Jones Distinguished Professor and Endowed Chair of Early Literacy Education at Utah State University a position he held for 14 years. He is the author of more than 230 published research reports in top tier research journals, articles, books, book chapters, and monographs. He is the co-author of the best selling textbook on the teaching of reading, Teaching Children to Read: The Teacher Makes the Difference, 8th Edition published by Pearson Education, Boston, MA.  He has received more than 17 million dollars in research/professional development grant funding. He has been active in securing legislative and private foundations gifts in excess of 40 million dollars. He is the past Editor of - Literacy Research and Instruction, The Reading Teacher and the current Executive Editor of the Journal of Educational Research. He received the 1999 A.B. Herr Award and the 2013 ALER Laureate Award from the Association of Literacy Researchers and Educators. Ray served as President of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers, ALER, from 2006- 2007. He was presented the John C. Manning Public School Service Award from the International Reading Association, May 2007 in Toronto, Canada and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association from 2007-2010. Ray was a member of the Literacy Research Association’s Board of Directors from 2012-2015. Dr. Reutzel was elected a member of the Reading Hall of Fame in 2011 and is serving as its President in 2017-2019.

Session Title: Ten Lessons Learned about Teaching Comprehension of Informational Text 

Dr. Patricia A. Crawford
University of Pittsburgh

Patricia A. Crawford is the associate chairperson for the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Instruction and Learning. An associate professor in the Early Childhood and Language, Literacy, and Culture programs, her academic interests focus on the connected areas of early literacy, children's literature, and teacher education.

(Dr. Crawford and Dr. Roberts are presenting together.)

Session Title: Engaging Readers through Children's Literature Explorations for Empathy and Action

Dr. Sherron Killingsworth Roberts
University of Central Florida 

Sherron Killingsworth Roberts is a Professor of Language Arts and Literacy at the University of Central Florida. Published in Reading Teacher, Journal of Teacher Education, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy, Journal of Poetry Therapy, and Reading Horizons among others, her research considers literacy as social practice, content analyses of children’s literature, and innovative pedagogy in teacher education, such as technological applications, literature study groups, and writing circles. Additionally, she continues to explore the uses of poetry as a reservoir for qualitative analyses, for therapy, and for creating a peaceful classroom. Most recently, she served as co-Editor of Literacy Research and Instruction for two terms. Roberts is a published poet with poems regarding teaching published in academic journals such as The Reading Teacher and Language Arts.

Session Title:  Engaging Readers through Children’s Literature Explorations for  Empathy and  Action
Description: This keynote session will explore a rationale for using picturebooks with all ages of readers. Using current picturebooks which center on topics of human and natural crises, related themes within these books may be tapped to develop deeper connections, culture, empathy, and action. Strategies that rely on social learning theory and particular picturebooks will be shared.

Dr. Jerry Johnson
University of Central Florida 

Session Title: Engaging Students by Reclaiming Place and Purpose in Literacy Instruction

Dr. Walt Griffin
Seminole County Public Schools Superintendent

Session Title: Never Too Young to Get a Great Start!

Ms. Diane Kornegay
Lake County Superintendent Session Title: Leading Literacy

Dr. Linda Rosa-Lugo
University of Central Florida

Session Title: SLP Vocabulary Instruction Collaborations for EL

Dr. Rebecca Hines
University of Central Florida 

Session Title: Literacy and Socio-Emotional Learning

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