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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Welcome College of Education and Human Performance faculty and staff! Below are helpful directions to guide in assessing students. All new faculty (full time or adjunct) who are teaching in programs requiring LiveText ™, please contact your hiring department if you need an account.
How do I assess students in LiveText™?

  • Access the LiveText™ website (
  • Login using your LiveText™ ID and password
  • On the LiveText™ Dashboard in your account, locate the course and assignment you want to assess
  • To assess, click on the multi-colored bar beneath the assignment (The red column indicates students who have not submitted an assignment/artifact, yellow are students awaiting assessment, and green are students who have already been assessed)
  • Click on the assignment/artifact to open and view the document during assessment with the rubric
  • Select the “Assessment Rubric” button on the page which will open a new window with the rubric
  • On the rubric, click the appropriate boxes reflecting the students’ performance for each knowledge, skill or disposition.  The boxes will highlight in blue when selected.
  • Once all the appropriate boxes have been selected, click the “X” button on the assessment rubric window. The assessment will save automatically.
  • Click the “Submit Assessment” button.
  • Repeat for each of the remaining students