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"By establishing the Morgridge International Reading Center, this unique gift will advance communication, collaboration, learning, and research to improve literacy on an international scale."

-Sandra L. Robinson
Executive Director

The Morgridge International Reading Center leads and facilitates the following programs to support disciplinary literacy for 21st century learning.

UCF/MIRC Literacy Coaches Re-Boot Camp

The University of Central Florida - Morgridge International Reading Center Literacy Coaches Re-boot Camp is a week long summer professional learning opportunity designed to assist literacy coaches with improving literacy acquisition and instruction for the 21st century. The Re-boot Camp was developed in response to literacy coaches' requests that greater emphasis be placed on assisting colleagues with implementing evidence-based practices to improve literacy acquisition.

Teaching Beyond the Core

Teaching Beyond the Core is an annual series of three workshops designed to bridge core standards into explicit teaching prompts to meet the needs of students, focused on literacy instruction and learning. The 2017 series concentrates on guiding learners in K-12 through responsive literacy instruction. The topics for each workshop include:

  • Instructing literacy learners in assembling effective processing systems — Understanding literacy learning, defining, and leading literacy learners across grade levels.
  • Employing diverse texts to scaffold customized instruction — Redefining text for instruction, guiding learners through text instruction, reading for confluency, and developing a teaching language that supports literacy learning.
  • Constructing a collaborative learning environment — Establishing a community of literacy learners, cultivating independence, promoting writing, performance and presentation of literacy learners, and utilizing a framework for transdisciplinary literacy learning.

Attendees are invited to register for one, two, or all three workshops.

Istation Research Project

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The Istation research project examines the utilization of Istation throughout the state of Florida for up to 500,000 students. The longitudinal aspect of the research project examine students' growth in reading achievement and usage of the program. Professional development opportunities are offered throughout the state for educators in participating schools and districts. The results of the research will be disseminated in presentations, manuscripts, and research report formats; however, the results will be aggregated and participants' information will not be identifiable.

Rx-membering Literacy: Developing a Transformational System

A multi-sensory literacy intervention for low-progress adolescent students in school systems with established professional learning plans and an intervention program in the primary grades. The intervention is currently under development.