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Monday, June 18, 2018

Multicultural Education

Mission of Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education prepares future school teachers, counselors and administrators to effectively meet the needs of a diverse student population and the challenges of changing demographics in schools while encouraging the development of a culturally responsive curriculum.

The mission is to initiate, encourage and facilitate programs and activities which reinforce or expand the diverse perspectives and intercultural competencies of students and Faculty within the College of Education and Human Performance's academic programs, facilitate research and scholarly activities, and serve the local and international community.

Issues related to culture, ethnicity, class, gender, language, religion, exceptionality and age pervade all facets of the education spectrum, particularly with regard to curriculum development. State and national education reports, task forces and mandates now clearly specify the need to infuse diverse perspectives throughout K-12 and university programs. Such information should also be part of a well-defined strategy to more effectively educate an increasingly diversified population growing up within the "global village".

Goal Statement


  • Develop awareness of the needs of diverse communities
    Address contemporary issues relating to equity and excellence in our schools
  • Collaborate with local organizations and agencies on diversity projects
    Encourage debate on issues relating to diversity
  • Develop commitment to combat forms of prejudice and discrimination through
    the development of tolerance, attitudes and skills to serve diverse populations.
  • Examine the interdependence of humanity in relation to environmental
    world resources and global cultural issues.

Curriculum Development

  • Develop curriculum materials that address diversity/global issues
  • Train teachers in the use of skills needed to work with diverse students
  • Initiate and expand local projects into an international/global focus
  • Encourage the development of intercultural competence
  • Enrich the cultural and linguistic heritage of students into a global

Educational Reform Movement

  • Generate awareness of knowledge construction processes
  • Encourage evaluation of curriculum materials/resources in relation
    to equity issues
  • Communicate exploration of critical issues by students/faculty
  • Develop publications/media that address global/diversity issues


  • Liaise with other organizations in global/multicultural education
  • Liaise with cultural/minority organizations
  • Liaise with international/global education organizations
  • Research into key issues
  • Collaborate on projects concerning diversity/global issues with local