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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Multicultural Education


Gender Equity

Advancing Women: Women's Role in Education
This article discusses the facts that the teaching profession is predominately female and that the beginning salaries are lower than those for any other field requiring a bachelor's degree. It goes on to propose that the few men in the school system dominate and exercise the control.

American Association of University Women
The mission of this national organization is to promote education and equity for all women and girls. Their Web site is a source of current research on gender equity, such as the gender gap that exists in our schools, singles education for females, and sexual harassment in school. It also explains implications for educators, for parents, and for the females themselves.

Feminist Majority Foundation
This megasite connects not only to major feminist organizations, but also to informational sites on issues important to many women, such as breast cancer, equity in career opportunity, affirmative action, reproductive rights, and feminist arts, literature, and entertainment.

Gender Equity in Education
The National Organization for Women, Legal Defense and Education Fund(LDEF) seeks to define and defend women's rights. The NOW Web site provides access to information about specific issues of interest to the organization, of which gender equity in education is one.

Women Leaders Online and Women Organizing for Change
The organization's goal is to build a network of one million women and men to empower women in politics, society, the economy, the media, and cyberspace. They feel that if they have a million members, women will finally have some clout! The Web site provides connections to various sources of information about women's rights.

Men's Issues in Academia
Find issues relating to males in education, such as the gender gap in education, the under representation of males pursuing education as a career, and other related issues.

National Organization for Men Against Sexism Web Site
The National Organization for Men Against Sexism is an activist organization of men and women supporting positive changes for men. NOMAS advocates a pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist perspective that is committed to justice on a broad range of social issues, including class, age, religion, and physical abilities. The organization maintains that the ultimate expression of what it means to be " Male" is to endeavor to make this nation's ideals of equality substantive.

Online commentaries on Men in Teaching
Find commentaries that discuss men in the education field at these sites.

Family: Single Parenting
Find general resources on single parenting many on single mothers, but far fewer on single fathers.

Second Wives Crusade
This organization believes that all children deserve equal rights and protection under the law and supports equity and fairness for all families.