Social Science Education, B.S.

Undergraduate Studies

Department: School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

The program in secondary social science education prepares teacher candidates for a career as a social studies teacher in grades 6-12. Social sciences (or studies) are generally defined as the disciplines of history, government/politics, geography, and economics. Students are provided with a variety of content and pedagogy classes that support their development as a beginning professional. The capstone activity of the program are two internships which provide the teacher candidate with invaluable field experience to support and extend their learning.

Program Highlights

  • Students who complete this program are fully qualified for certification as social science teachers in grades 6-12, which includes courses in history, politics, government, geography and economics

For additional information, contact the program coordinator or your advisor.

Scott Waring, Ph.D.
Office: ED 206 J
Janet Andreasen
Office: ED 123 Q

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