Intervention Specialist

Graduate Certificate

Department: Department of Child, Family, and Community Sciences

The Intervention Specialist graduate certificate provides advanced coursework for educational leaders to use school-based and classroom instructional data to meet the instructional and intervention needs of all students, including at-risk and struggling students, beyond typical, initial classroom instruction within a multi-tiered system of supports. In addition, this certificate will provide an advanced, multi-disciplinary theoretical approach and applied knowledge base to experienced educators. Coursework focuses on knowledge, skills and competencies for working with students within an intervention framework. The Intervention Specialist certificate is multi-disciplinary and includes coursework in exceptional student education, school psychology, reading education, and math education. The four graduate courses provide an opportunity for students to complete the Intervention Specialist certificate beyond the undergraduate degree. Should a student determine they wish to earn a Master's degree, the courses in the certificate could be applied into one of several Master of Education degree programs in the College of Education and Human Performance.

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Mary Little, Ph.D.
Office: ED 315J

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