Technical Education and Industry Training, B.S.

Undergraduate Studies

Department: Department of Child, Family, and Community Sciences

The Technical Education and Industry Training (B.S.) program offers upper division courses via the World Wide Web. Because of the convenience of 'anytime, anywhere' access to course material, our students work in a variety of settings. Some are full-time or part-time teachers in the public school sector including middle schools, high schools, adult technical centers, and community colleges. Some serve as technical education teachers with the Department of Corrections. Other program participants are retired military personnel who were technicians or trainers and now wish to become teachers or industry-specific trainers. All students have a common goal of attaining a bachelor's degree in an area that draws upon their experiences, interests and expertise.

Program Highlights

  • This is a fully Web-based program that is highly responsive to a diverse population of students in middle and secondary public schools, technical institutes, and community colleges.
  • Up to 30 credit hours can be awarded toward the bachelor's degree based upon completed technical education course, state or national licenses, certifications or other documented evidence of technical expertise.
  • The Directed Field Experience is the culminating course and is based upon the student's professional goals. This supervised internship may be completed in an educational or industrial training setting, or with the program faculty assisting in teaching web based courses.
  • Faculty in this department have a national reputation for excellence in the use of Web-based learning, having offered hundreds of courses using distance-learning technologies since 1984.

For additional information, contact the program coordinator or your advisor.

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