Education, Ph.D. - Elementary Education

Graduate Studies

Department: College Wide Programs

The Ph.D. in Education-Elementary Education is designed to provide further education for those aspiring to work in the area of education at the post-secondary level (four-year college, and/or research university). The program of study leading to the Ph.D. in elementary education permits students to concentrate their doctoral study in either a field of emphasis (i.e. science, mathematics, literacy, social studies) or to create an interdisciplinary focus, such as mathematics-science or reading-social studies. This program of study is most appropriate for educators who can create, analyze, and synthesize educational studies and for educators seeking employment in settings requiring a strong research base. In contrast to the Ed.D., the Ph.D. program relies on doctoral students who progress through their program of study in cohorts and who are full members of the learning community of the College of Education and Human Performance. A program of study that begins with a strong philosophical base, research seminars requiring one-on-one work with faculty members, cluster seminars requiring work with several faculty in interdisciplinary research projects, as well as the long-term mentoring that is built into the POS through Supervised Internships will add to the scholarly synergy inherent in working toward a Ph.D. at the University of Central Florida.