External (UCF) Funding Resources

To help support grantsmanship efforts within the College, External Funding Resources are available to aid in the identification of funding opportunities, the grant writing process, and mentorship support.

CEDHP Funding Opportunity Announcements

CEDHP faculty are encouraged to complete the Faculty Sign-up Form for Funding Opportunity Announcements to (a) receive individualized grantsmanship mentorship and support, and (b) to receive automatic notification regarding funding opportunities.

The Funding Opportunity Announcements provide CEDHP faculty with information on current funding opportunities. This page is not a list of all potential opportunities but those found that might be a good fit for CEDHP faculty. Faculty are encouraged to visit the Office of Research and Commercialization website to sign up on PIVOT.

Grant Proposal History

The grant proposal history page will assist College of Education and Human Performance faculty researchers in the process of preparing successful grant proposals. This link identifies CEDHP grant proposals that have been written by our colleagues. As you consider or are engaged in working on grant proposals, you can review this list to see if a colleague has worked on a similar topic, agency, or methodology. This connection could be beneficial for many reasons. For example, they might be willing to share a section related to a particular population, data on local or regional demographics, or a methodological approach.

Grant Proposal Mentorship

A number of our colleagues in the College of Education and Human Performance with previous or current success in writing successful grant proposal have kindly offered to provide mentorship to faculty working on grant proposals. This assistance can be beneficial in writing the various sections of the proposals, developing budgets, staffing in a manner to best allow for project success and scholarly productivity, and tips for certain funding agencies. This page will provide you their names, email, and list of proposals they have written to give you an idea of their areas of research interest.
Click here to view mentor list.

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Other Resources

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact Dr. Tom Owens.