CEDHP Grant Space in TA 403

This page serves as a workspace for Principal Investigators and full-time research staff who are working on grants with an emphasis on externally funded grants. The following links include procedures, forms, and information pertaining to accessing and utilizing Grant Space in TA 403.

Some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Information Forms

Sample Agreement Contract & Information Sheet
This form is a sample contract between CEDHP Office of Research and PI's who have been granted grant space in TA. It outlines the procedures for grant workspace utilization and closeout procedures.

Q & A Form
This form provides common questions and answers related to the operations of the grant space in TA 403.

Grant Space Usage Agreement & Information Record Storing and Retention Requirements

The forms below outline the closeout procedures for grant financial materials and records.

Budget Office Letter

Budget Office Forms

Request Grant Space and Storage

Online Form
This is an application for PI's to request grant space and storage in TA 40