Internal (UCF) Funding Resources

To help support research at the University of Central Florida, Internal (UCF) Funding Resources are available to aid in the collection of research data, particularly pilot data valuable to externally funded research grants. Resources are available for faculty and students.

TJEEI Funded Projects

TJEEI funds faculty projects that are aligned with its mission. Over the last 10 years, TJEEI has funded projects totaling $535,000.00. UCF College of Education and Human Performance tenured or tenure-seeking faculty, students and collaborators can receive up to $5,000 for one year for a Teaching & Research Project that provides resources for tenured and tenure seeking faculty to design research studies that have the potential to impact teaching and learning for children with disabilities. UCF College of Education and Human Performance NIH/NSF Seed Research Initiative, funded by TJEEI, will provide up to $5,000 for tenured and tenure-seeking faculty, and their colleagues and students, to design and initiate a pilot research study that is aligned with open or upcoming NIH or NSF funding opportunities.

Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC) In-House Research Grants

The purpose of this grant program is to initiate new faculty research activities, which will strengthen faculty credentials and make them more competitive for external funding appropriate to their discipline. All proposals must clearly address this objective. Proposals for work related to the applicant's past research must show how the proposed research differs from, and clearly enhances, the faculty member's research agenda. Awards are $7,500. Deadline for receipt by College, Center, or Institute Ranking Committee is usually the first week in October. The College, Center, or instituting Ranking Committee’s deadline to forward to ORC is usually during the first week of November.

Visit the TJEEI Call for proposals.

Undergraduate Research

CEDHP Undergraduate Research Showcase (URS) $
Offered in the Spring semester, the Undergraduate Research Showcase (URS) is a poster-or-display-based forum for UCF undergraduates in the College of Educations and Human Performance (CEDHP) to present their research and creativity projects to our college and partnering communities.  Undergraduates from CEDHP are encouraged to present current or recent academic projects showcasing the diversity of topics, approaches, and interests within education and human performance.  Please visit the CEDHP URS website for more information.

Graduate Research

CEDHP Graduate Research Showcase $
The College of Education and Human Performance (CEDHP) Graduate Research Showcase is held in the Spring Annually to prepare graduate student researchers for the university wide Graduate Research Forum. This poster-presentation event is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to get involved in research, share ideas with other students, and win scholarships!


If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact Dr. Tom Owens.