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Monday, December 11, 2017

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A National Association of School Psychologists Approved Program

Program Philosophies

Consistent with the University's philosophy of Accent on the Individual and Accent on Excellence, the School Psychology Program is committed to providing exemplary professional training for the preparation of future school psychologists. The following program philosophies are taught, modeled, and encouraged throughout the program to help ensure that our students will be able to facilitate the delivery of comprehensive effective psychological services. The program philosophies involve:

Commitment to a Respect for Individual Differences

The School Psychology Program is committed to recognizing the worth and dignity of every individual. Awareness of cultural diversity and the unique learning characteristics of certain groups and the ability to work with the appropriate agencies to ensure that an individual's ability to learn is maximized. To help accomplish this, the School Psychology Program is committed to training students to work as effective change-agents with school-based personnel, parents, and community agencies.

Commitment to Ethical Practice

The School Psychology Program stresses the importance of sound ethical practice in the delivery of school psychological services. The program conducts all activities according to the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists. The program is committed to providing students with opportunities to interact with the legal profession in order to validate the legal and ethical aspects of our work.

Commitment to Best Practice Based on Empirical Knowledge

The School Psychology Program is dedicated to teaching students about best practices that have been empirically evaluated and shown to be reliable and valid. The program is committed to teaching students to question existing practices and to provide them with the skills to conduct research to evaluate new or existing practices.

Coursework Philosophy

The program's coursework has been designed to provide students with a thorough sequential knowledge base and experiences that orient the student to the traditional roles of the school psychologist and allow the acquisition of advanced skills to provide appropriate intervention/preventive services in a number of settings. This blend of formal coursework and carefully selected field-based experiences is viewed as a strength of the program. The program faculty work closely with local education agencies and model the role of the school psychologist as a change agent.