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Friday, June 22, 2018

Ph.D. in Education Program

About STEP

STEP (Supporting Teacher Education Pre-professionals)
STEP is a wonderful opportunity for incoming freshmen who plan to major in education and become teachers. The intent of this program is to ensure that students successfully transition to the university by starting them in the summer with two courses and providing a high degree of support from the College of Education and the First Year Advising Center.

Students admitted to the STEP program are expected to attend the orientation session designated for STEP participants prior to beginning the Summer B term. During their orientation visit students will have an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of joining STEP. They will also meet the College of Education and Human Performance STEP Coordinator-Dr. Connie Goodman, STEP staff members, and other participants in the STEP program.

STEPThe STEP Coordinator will meet with students in the program on a regular basis, assist them with scheduling classes, involve them in student education organizations at the college level, monitor their academic progress and their transition to the university, and meet with them for advising, tutoring, and test preparation. In addition to the STEP Coordinator and the Student Academic Resource Center, support will be provided by the College of Education’s Office of Student Services, an advisor from UCF’s First-Year Advising Office, and peer mentors.

The STEP program requires a one year commitment - Summer, Fall and Spring terms of the freshman year. Students selected to join the STEP program are required to register for the following courses: Summer B (EDF 2005 and SLS 1501), Fall Term (EDF 2085 and 3 courses from the General Education Program; and Spring Term (EME 2040 and 3 courses from the General Education Program). STEP participants will register for classes on Day 2 of Orientation.

Feel free to contact our office if you would like to join our teacher education program in the UCF College of Education and prepare to become a teacher.

The STEP program provides:

  • assistance transitioning to university life
  • guidance from a designated coordinator
  • ongoing advisement and scheduling assistance
  • a connection to campus resources
  • a support structure within the cohort
  • assistance with homework and test preparation
  • peer mentors
  • organizational tools
  • a choice of eleven education majors

Interested? Need more details?Interested? Need more details?
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