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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Career and TEchnical Education

The Web based Career and Technical Education Programs are committed to helping those pursuing teaching or training positions in career & technical education attain the highest degree of competence possible in their chosen field. The Programs place emphasis on the intellectual growth of each student using research based effective teaching techniques, scholarly learning, laboratory-field experience, and leadership development. The Programs are devoted to articulating with the secondary and postsecondary schools, vocational/technical centers, junior and community colleges, universities, military, and professional organizations in the effort to improve the quality of instructional personnel.

We offer fully online courses and degrees

As quoted by Dr. Larry R. Hudson, mentor, advisor and teacher, "You can't get where you are going unless you know where you have been." It is my pleasure to introduce you to a website that clearly outlines the History of Vocational/Career Education at the University of Central Florida. Now, if you are interested in joining the legacy of Career & Technical Education, kindly contact us.

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Contact: Dr. Lisa Martino