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Monday, June 18, 2018

Facilities Request

Technology & Facilities

Facilities: FAQs

Q. Who do I call to make a reservation for the Education Gymnasium and/or the Multi-Purpose Room?
A. At this time all facility reservation requests must be made via the Facility Office.  This office is located in the Education Complex, Room 173 and the office phone number is (407)823-5003.
Q. What is the size of the Education Gymnasium? 
A. The ED Gym is over 12,000 sq ft, roughly 120’ x 100’, and has a ceiling height of 27’.
Q. What features are there in the Education Gymnasium?
A. The ED Gym has a wood floor and features ten overlapping athletic courts.  There is one college length and two high school-sized basketball courts, three volleyball courts and four badminton courts.  There are also five sections of bleachers in the Gym that seat over 230 individuals.
Q. What is the size of the Multi-Purpose Room?  Any features?
A. The MPR has a wood floor that measures about 2,700 sq ft.  The side walls of the room are padded and the rear wall has mirrors.
Q. What type of functions are appropriate for the Education Gym and MPR?
A. The ED Gym and MPR are used for classroom instruction, athletic practices, aerobic training, career fairs, assembly meetings, sporting events, athletic leagues, dance instruction, camps, clinics, etc. 
Q. What amenities are provided in the Education Gym and MPR?
A. The gymnasium has two electronic scoreboards that can be used simultaneously or independently with scoreboard controllers.  Tables, chairs, whiteboards, projection devices, staging and sound equipment are also available.
Q. What fees are associated when reserving the Gym and/or MPR?
A. There are several factors to consider during the reservation process.  Length of reservation, equipment needs and projected attendance are a few factors.  A Facilities Rate Sheet is available for review and the Facility Office can also be contacted to provide a quote.