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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Orientation Handbook Code of Professional Conduct
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Admission to the College will be granted when students meet the following College of Education and Human Performance restricted access admission requirements:

  • Completion of the University General Education requirements or its equivalent, (e.g. an AA degree from an approved Florida Community College or state university)
  • Complete the Education and Human Performance Common Program Prerequisites.
  • Complete the Foreign Language Admission requirement.
  • Complete the Gordon Rule requirement.
  • Have an overall 2.5 or above GPA. (2.75 for Early Childhood Development and Education)
  • Successful completion of all four parts of the General Knowledge Test (GKT).
    To obtain registration information, please visit Sport & Exercise Science and Technical Education and Industry Training programs do not require the GKT.

*NOTE: The above requirements are reflected on the student's DARS degree audit.

Students who do not meet the College of Education and Human Performance admission requirements will be restricted from taking upper level (3000/4000) courses in the College of Education and Human Performance, and remain in Education Pending status.

Education Pending Students

Students who are pending admission to a degree program are classified as Education Pending students.

All Education Pending students are advised in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs & Partnerships, ED110,
(407) 823-3723. Once all college admission requirements have been met, students are required to complete a Change of Major request to change from Education Pending to their intended major. The student's DARS audit will be updated to identify their assigned academic advisor. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with their academic advisor each term.

Transfer Information

Undergraduate Degrees

The role of the College of Education and Human Performance at the undergraduate level is to prepare students for careers as early childhood, elementary, secondary, sport & exercise and technical education teachers. We offer Bachelor of Science degrees with the following majors (consult the current catalog for course requirements):